Porsche: The Choice Of Versatile Luxury

Driving a car is something that the 20th and 21st centuries have taken for granted. Society at large has become accustomed to driving, and uses their cars as status symbols beyond the simple need to have an accessible form of transportation. These status symbols come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but the real contenders come from Germany.

Everyone’s heard about the superpower nation’s ability to pump out vehicles the whole world gawks at. This crowd drawing appeal that German automotive companies tend to harbor comes from a German ideology that purports efficiency, practicality, and of course, luxury. It’s no wonder that sports car enthusiasts and luxury car enthusiasts alike choose these award-winning German marques like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche instead of others.

Speaking Of Porsche…

Ferdinand Porsche, the inventor and one of the owners of Porsche, was the man behind the 1930’s Volkswagen Beetle! He, alongside with the Volkswagen team, sought to create a car for the “German everyman,” and thus the Beetle was born. The Volkswagen Beetle is touted as one of the best, most reliable cars ever built. Its design is simple, remarkable, and has undergone tons of changes over the years – just like Porsche!

And so the story goes that Ferry Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche’s son, would go on to create the very first Porsche sold as a passenger car in the 1940’s. This model, the Porsche 356, was loosely based off of an earlier version that Porsche Sr. had made around the same time as the Beetle, the Porsche 64. Porsche Jr.’s chassis would later be used as the basis for that iconic Porsche look.

Interestingly enough, Porsche Sr. was preoccupied with making wartime tanks, parts, and other light military vehicles in the 1930’s. He would later end up being incarcerated in the United Kingdom for war crimes committed during his time manufacturing goods for the Nazi’s.

Driving In Southern California

People sing songs about southern California, they write about southern California, and it’s definitely redirected here apparent that movies are about or based in southern California. This region has a lot to offer, and attracts so many Americans and others from all useful link across the globe. The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful in the whole nation, which is partly due to the geographical, semi-mountainous desert terrain that feeds off of the welcoming Pacific breeze.

From Oregon to Mexico, California has a lot to offer. If a nice mountainous drive is on the agenda, then cruising through Beverly Hills in that new Porsche must be considered. Weezer has sung about Beverly Hills, and David Duchovny's character in Californication drives a Porsche, put two and two together and try it out for yourself!

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